100% by 100%

The question was asked at a recent Crossfit workout. What does 100% of all you got 100% in the moment feel like. Basically, 100% squared.

Add to that doing 100 squats, 100 sit  ups plus a 2000 meter row and you have 100 magnified.

It got me thinking about putting it all out there each day. 100% of you each day. Since we only have the day  why not give yourself up to it with complete abandon. What is exactly holding you back. The critics will always critique. That is what they do. Even wonder if they ever put it out there 100%.  I know the exhaustion was 100%. The sweat was 100%.And the feeling of  satisfaction for the honest effect of refusing to give up was complete.

Today commit to yourself to be all of you. Why not.



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4 Responses to 100% by 100%

  1. Sarge 07/18/2012 at #

    100 is such a nice number! Nothing like belonging to the century club in any athletic en-devour!. Keep up the good life….Sarge

    • Paul 07/18/2012 at #

      Thanks Sarge.
      The Crossfit Longmont team of athletes are great to work with…100% is their motto.

  2. Harold 07/19/2012 at #

    What you say is true , but it is the effort that counts even if one fails to reach that 100 number

    • Paul 07/19/2012 at #

      You are so right. It is making the honest,heartfelt effort that separates so many. It is giving the full measure of yourself. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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