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Back at the Gate

We are back at the gate. But it is totally different now. Over 2 years of reflection, journaling and CrossFitting has made it so. Body, mind and spirit have joined as one. No duality. The gate has been passed. The road is open. The sky is clear. It is time. Always has been. The ageless […]

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The Summers Were Longer Back Then

What do you miss most. What do you long for the most. It usually is something so simple. So elementary. The good humor ice cream truck coming around the corner on a summer afternoon. The summers were longer back then. We always yelled to our mom that we heard the ice cream truck and begged […]

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The Last Cool Car You’ll Ever Own

The last cool car. That’s what we called it. We know it is just a car. But there are so many choices. There are so many reasons to go sensible. Especially with the price of gas. And then you go with the last cool car that you will own. Have you ever done that. Left […]

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