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Vacation day

Every time I hear her singing, no matter what I am doing, I pause and just take it all in.  But then again, it is Nina Simone. This time the song Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood came on.  Take a moment and get lost in it. That song is her cry for understanding when things […]

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Commit and dig in

There we were at Crossfit again. The Crossfit workout was a combination of sit ups, kettle bell swings and wall ball shots. Once it registered with me I just heard myself say…why not. A total of 100 sit ups and 110 kettle bell swings and then 110 wall ball shots. But done in Crossfit ladder […]

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One more time

Of all the images I saw  at the inauguration  it was one of the last ones that lingered with me. The President was leaving the platform and then turned back to see the crowd still cheering . He stood there and said that he wanted to take a look since he would never see this […]

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My teachers

Age does not matter. It truly is irrelevant. The proof of that reality is what my grandkids teach me every day. I see courage. Refusing to be stopped in wanting to try anything and everything. They are fearless. They see the world as only possibilities. They want to learn. Try. Seek. Do. Whether learning to […]

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The quiet, part 2

The quiet seems to have hit a chord. There was a time when quiet was alive and well. There was a time when quiet was better understood. Appreciated. Respected. Cherished. Now it seems that it is just that place you have to get through to arrive at the “important, good stuff” .. Nothing could be […]

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The quiet

It was early as I headed out for the morning Crossfit. As my car crossed the expansion bridge I heard some horns honking and saw a few cars cutting other cars off and everyone ,it seemed, was on a phone or texting…whether in a car or on a bike or walking on the street. It […]

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A state of grace

It had been quite a while since the Crossfit workout almost brought me to my knees and nausea. I mean they are all challenging and test your very fiber but this one was different. I don’t know why but just was. The 20 minutes ticked off like the clock was broken and only worked sporadically. […]

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Digging deep and spreading kindness

As the year winds down, I look back on 2012. What a year of change. Quite amazing how it played out. It didn’t start that way. But it sure is ending that way. Change. It just can’t be denied or avoided. It is a good thing. It prevents us from just phoning in our life […]

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High five the day

The ageless experiment. The words just make sense to me. An experiment in ageless living. A challenge to live beyond categories. Live beyond boundaries. It applies to all ages and stages in life.  Don’t buy into some false restriction that others may want to impose on you. Live each day as the experiment that it […]

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The majesty of the subtle

What stays with you? What lingers with you? What causes you to pause and reflect?  What stops you in your tracks?   For me, it is rarely things. It usually is some observation. Some passing image. Some subtle movement.  It is the space between the words. The silence in the midst of noise. The look […]

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