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278 in red

I found the hat. Ever just go crazy for some item that is meaningless to everyone else but hits you just right.  Nonsensical yet for some reason touches you somewhere you just can’t explain. For me it was this hat. Then I thought I lost it. Tonight it was found. Okay…I know not earth shattering […]

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The ageless bookshelf

It  kind of happened by accident. There was some planning but not really. It  just took shape over the years. As I sit in the den and look at the bookcase my eyes wander the collection of things placed here and there on the shelves. We all have those places. Those shelves. Those stories. A […]

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Living outside of expectations

How did you spend your Sunday morning. What is your routine. Was it sleeping in? Was it the Sunday paper? A brunch?  Meeting up with friends for coffee? Sundays are great. There are so many possibilities. A long walk.  An early glass of wine.  For us it was our Crossfit Sunday.  Short,sweaty, exhausting, challenging and […]

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A path to the stage

I couldn’t tell how old they were. Some looked more tired than others but the age was tough to call. What did seem to separate them was the  smile on their faces or not. Some were just so serious. You could tell that they were measuring each word spoken or  each position taken. Some just […]

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The surprise of a day

  The comment was made innocently enough but ,over a glass of wine, a few hours later we laughed about it all. I said…if someone told you 10 years ago in Miami or 40 years ago in New York that today you would be riding your Harley through the foothills of Colorado over to  this […]

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Red Rock, Arlo and class

Red Rock is about the most perfect spot there can be for a concert. As the sun began to set the sold out crowd rose to their feet to cheer the sole performer walk out. No back up band. No fancy light show or explosions. Just one solo figure who stood center stage and picked […]

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Your True Nature is Ageless – Express It

If love is ageless. If friendship is ageless. If caring is ageless. If kindness is ageless. If nobility is ageless. If honor is ageless. If the soul is ageless. If learning is ageless. If decency is ageless. If humor is ageless. Then don’t be sidetracked. Experiment with ageless. Don’t buy into the nonsense of ageism. […]

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Love is Ageless

The furniture was moved to the sides of the room. The rented folding chairs were carefully placed around the folding tables that were set up in the middle of the now more open living room. The table cloths were spread across the tables and the settings were neatly placed at each seat. When everyone arrived […]

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What Have You Lost?

The gentle soul. The sweet child. The innocent stare. The accepting look. The agreeable disposition. The opening heart. The found moment. The quiet touch. The honest smile. The noble gesture. The honorable acknowledgement. When did you lose those qualities. Do you still have them. Are they in hiding. Can you recapture them. It is not […]

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Change. How do you handle it. Change. A shift in a life. We get so comfortable with things but everything is always changing. What is that old line…the only thing that is constant and unchanging is that there is always change. So fasten your seat belt. Grab the popcorn. Let go of stuff and hold […]

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