The medium we travel through

Ageless. This past birthday passed without too much noise and partying. Not like the big 60 where we celebrated for a whole weekend. No, this one was different.

This one was in Miami. This one included two book signing events and a celebration of Hour of the Wolf. So it was about sharing a journey. Discussing a life. Sharing a vision for a way to live each day.

Ageless. Outside of time. Time has become the medium we travel in to experience life. It is not a definition of a life. It is rather nothing more than the fluid we navigate through as we live each day.

On this birthday I became a non age. I became just me living in the moment. Consider it. You in the moment. Just experience life. Don’t limit it because of some date on a drivers license. Don’t cheat yourself.

This birthday was incredible. It was launching a vision for a way to see life fresh. If you want to try this please do. Let’s talk about it. Invite this philosophy into your world.


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