The underdog.
The left behind.
The last chosen.
The different from the others one.
The unique one.
The special one.
Protect them.
Defend them.
Give them an opportunity.
Show them that they matter just as they are.
They are the ones who make the difference.
They are the ones who shine in colors that we never imagined.
They are the ones who connect each of us to our higher qualities.
They are the ones who can lead the way.
I saw him walking through the parking lot.
He was bent over from some back deformity.
He was kind of dragging one leg.
He was holding a woman’s hand. Sister? Mother? Friend? Wife?
I stopped the car at the crosswalk.
He looked up and smiled.
He had such a peaceful look on his face.
A look of contentment.
A look of gratitude.
A look of appreciation.
Are you content.
Are you grateful.
Are you appreciative.
Think about it.
The ageless experiment.


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