The Seriousness of a Silent Moment

Can you sit in silence.

Can you just let your mind wander aimlessly.

Not trying to figure anything out or resolve any issue.

Just sit in silence and take it all in.

The exquisite moment.

Do you appreciate that that silent moment will never be again.

You just being with you.

No noise.

No chatter.

Just the purity of a silent second of time.

Sometimes I think people think of seconds like they were pennies.

You know….not taking it seriously.

But there is nothing more serious than that solitary, silent moment.

In that moment, courage is found.

In that moment, love is realized.

In that moment, a choice is made.

In that moment, fear is overcome.

In that moment, a life is changed.

In that moment, you can touch eternity.

In that moment, you find your voice.

The single solitary silent moment can be the difference between what is and what can still be.

Enter it.


The ageless experiment.


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