What is the Lesson of Your Life?

So here we are.

Back at that college class of your life.

The textbook was purchased.

The classes were attended.

You studied as best as you could.

In fact, the class was well attended.

The final exam was rough though.

The final exam was one question.

In bold print at the top of the page.

You could write as much or as little as you chose.

It was not quantity that counted but quality.


What is the take away of your story.

Who did you help along the way.

What is the legacy of you.

As your life unfolds before you, keep this in mind.

Since it all ends, what is your meaning.

Your purpose.

Your leave behind.

When the family gathers for that holiday dinner and there is a toast…

What would you like it to be.

Then choose wisely now.

The ageless experiment.


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