Facing the storm

You have a choice. After all we are the sum of our choices. So you are faced with the challenge and you need to choose.
Are you a victim or a hero. Are you choosing to meet your life head on or look away.
The storm hit Colorado. Biblical proportions. Only things missing were frogs, locust, hail and a few other challenges to test your metal and determination.
The storm has passed. The damage done. The clean up begins. The friends help. The family gathers. The laughter comes back. The looks of “really” are on everyone’s face.
But we are here. We are regrouping. We are holding each other. We are closing ranks.
We are toasting another day of living the unfolding adventure. Just look at nature. Tip your hat. Show respect. Try to learn from her. We bend but never break. We are part of nature. So of course we move forward. Like nature we are timeless and ageless.


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