The gift. The one gift that matters. The one gift that fills the empty space. The gift that counts. The gift that lasts….even in death.
As we know and said before : no one gets out of life alive. What one gift would you want to give and receive above all others.
Time? It stops anyway. Youth? It is overrated. Love? Does it have to be reciprocal? Health? It is a ticking clock. Faith? It is a question of faith in the end isn't it. So what is that one gift. I have to believe it is different for each of us. What has real worth. Real value. Real meaning. A child to hold? Even for a moment. What is your accomplishment. What gift are you and to whom? Maybe that is it. It is not the gift you get. It is the gift you give. Maybe it is the gift of understanding, empathy, respect and the recognized joy that the other is worthy of love. Give the gift of you to another by way of appreciation. An ageless experiment.


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