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Resurrection in the morning

Resurrection. Coming back to life. To me, it means coming back after a fall. Or a failing. Or a trauma. Or a loss. Or a disappointment. It is going to sleep at night with some burden but knowing and truly believing that the nighttime is a time of release of the weight and the morning […]

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The angel factor

I think it is a combination of his voice, the soulful guitar, the specific words, and the intangible feeling that you just want it to be so that makes me play the song over and over and think or dream about what could be . Willie Nelson is the voice. His guitar centerpiece of the […]

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A sigh and an echo

Have you ever been in such a quiet place that you could feel or sense your own pulse?  It is the sense of feeling the blood flowing through your body. Life running through your veins. You touch your wrist and feel the movement of life. As I sat in our home today and watched the […]

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Embracing uncertainty

So the boxes are boxed. The sale is done. The friends are dropping by and we are giving them memories to take with them. The charities are coming over the next few days to take items. The movers drop by tomorrow. As each person walked through our home they commented on the warmth and good […]

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Touching the void

We were so young when we moved into this house. 32 years ago. I remember when we first moved in. The house was abandoned and lonely. It was dark and so desparately needing in light. And we arrived. We walked in and decided to save the house. Slowly we started. Stripping the old wallpaper off […]

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The ride across the bridge

His nickname was blondie. It was his great mane of blond hair on top of that strapping build that did it. It was blondie  like a lion  might be called blondie out of respect. We first met as a newly formed gang of weekend warrior motorcycle riders met to head up to Daytona Beach for […]

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Alive and well

The packing continues. The pictures are coming down off the walls. The boxes are filling up each room. The years and memories are being boxed up and labeled. We slowly walk from room to room.  The stories are still there. But then I saw it sitting in the bottom of a draw that hadn’t been […]

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“wait up please”

I heard him call out from the back of the store. His voice was loud and clear. It was also filled with anxiety. I turned to see what was happening.  I stood there and a sadness fell over me. The voice came from a little boy about 6 years old. He was calling out to […]

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Peace and memory

I never read anything like it before. At least I don’t recall. I am sure that it has happened often but I never read anything like it before. It just stopped me cold. It sent a chill up my spine. I literally shuttered. The obituary told the story of a once prominent person. A person […]

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I think it is the innocence of it all that always gets me. The ladybug or princess or butterfly costume that the little ones wear as if the universe depended on it. You watch as they walk up to the door and shyly says “trick or treat”. Innocence. What a concept. Sincerity. What a thought. […]

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