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Pushing past the ordinary

As we finished the Sunday Crossfit , which included 90 wall ball shots along with bench presses, clean and jerks, handstand holds and a bunch of other exercises, I wondered why we do it…especially on a Sunday morning. Then I realized why. Passion. Passion for the day. Passion for our journey each day. Passion for […]

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A sigh and an echo

Have you ever been in such a quiet place that you could feel or sense your own pulse?  It is the sense of feeling the blood flowing through your body. Life running through your veins. You touch your wrist and feel the movement of life. As I sat in our home today and watched the […]

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The ride across the bridge

His nickname was blondie. It was his great mane of blond hair on top of that strapping build that did it. It was blondie  like a lion  might be called blondie out of respect. We first met as a newly formed gang of weekend warrior motorcycle riders met to head up to Daytona Beach for […]

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A bold life

Diving deep or just shallow surface. Getting dirty or not making even a ripple.  Being so neat and tidy or ending it all a bit bruised and battered.  I vote for the deep dive, the getting dirty and the bruises and getting a bit battered. I need to know it was lived fully. We have […]

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The magic of the first time

Do you remember the first time. The very first time. You never did it before so it was really the first time. And you knew it at the time. You realized that this was the first time. I suppose the last time you do it it will be just as memorable but I have to […]

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Letting go and finding the sweet spot

What matters. What has meaning. What do you spend your time thinking about. What do you share. What do you hide. What would you give it all up for. What would you walk away from. What would make you stay.  What gives you peace. What ties you in knots. What does a day mean to […]

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Magic and the wand

She walked in….no, rather she bounced, skipped and hopped in, carrying her magic wand and talking about how it made everything she touched it with beautiful. As the day wore on, we played, talked and shared tall stories. As the day went on we saw a parade, awed at the horses and riders in grand […]

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It’s all good in the big top

It’s all good. That was the comment and the commitment. It was said almost matter of factly.  It’s all good. It was said at a moment in time when anyone else would have said anything but that. It was a challenging moment. It was a time when it would be easy to turn away and […]

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It’s impossible not to dream

It’s Impossible.  For some reason that song always was played by my dad when I was growing up. It was one of the few albums he bought that he would play on the little mono record player in the corner room up the stairs, at the end of his 12 hour work day. It was […]

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A child, a walker and a song

I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He was using a walker to get from the front door to his table in the restaurant. The younger woman with him was trying to help him but she seemed uninvolved.  It appeared to be the chore of the moment.  He just looked so sad […]

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