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Cracking the riddle

You have to decide. There is that moment when waiting is no longer an option. But when exactly is that moment?  That moment of decision. The sweet spot.  Only in hindsight does it really make sense. But we don’t live backwards. We live in real time..deciding  without knowing how it will play out or how […]

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Watching over the one who matters

The song came on the radio…Someone to Watch Over Me…Linda Ronstadt version. Yes, her voice is amazing. Yes, her phrasing is perfect. Although the song was written in the 1920s, it is one of those ageless and timeless songs. It is as moving today as it was in any other time. Maybe even more so […]

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The one who reveals

One. After all is said and done, it comes back to one. We can’t wait for others to try to solve the riddle. We can’t wait for someone else to provide the solution. It is time for you. Your time has arrived. Forget the age of the birthday. Ignore the calendar. Totally irrelevant. It is […]

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A red mustang and a summer night

It was a red mustang. I think it was 1964. It was my first car. I drove it to Penn State in my sophomore year. It was a stick. It was a convertible . It was heaven. I saw it today on a street in Delray. I know it wasn’t mine but there it was. […]

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A state of grace

It had been quite a while since the Crossfit workout almost brought me to my knees and nausea. I mean they are all challenging and test your very fiber but this one was different. I don’t know why but just was. The 20 minutes ticked off like the clock was broken and only worked sporadically. […]

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The living legacy

Well , I looked for one or more books that brings together my take on this improbable journey we are all on.  Although I found bits and  pieces here and there, I decided to see if I could put it down in one place. So  I started to write my story to see if it […]

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Pushing past the ordinary

As we finished the Sunday Crossfit , which included 90 wall ball shots along with bench presses, clean and jerks, handstand holds and a bunch of other exercises, I wondered why we do it…especially on a Sunday morning. Then I realized why. Passion. Passion for the day. Passion for our journey each day. Passion for […]

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A sigh and an echo

Have you ever been in such a quiet place that you could feel or sense your own pulse?  It is the sense of feeling the blood flowing through your body. Life running through your veins. You touch your wrist and feel the movement of life. As I sat in our home today and watched the […]

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The ride across the bridge

His nickname was blondie. It was his great mane of blond hair on top of that strapping build that did it. It was blondie  like a lion  might be called blondie out of respect. We first met as a newly formed gang of weekend warrior motorcycle riders met to head up to Daytona Beach for […]

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A bold life

Diving deep or just shallow surface. Getting dirty or not making even a ripple.  Being so neat and tidy or ending it all a bit bruised and battered.  I vote for the deep dive, the getting dirty and the bruises and getting a bit battered. I need to know it was lived fully. We have […]

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