Grace in Minnesota

What does grace look like. Today it was a young man in a temple in Minnesota presenting himself for his Bar Mitzvah. Graceful. Charming and full of joyful life. The possibilities of the day and tomorrow filled the air. The family beams and all seems right in the universe.

In a world where the papers and the news shows are filled with sadness, distrust and other crazy stories, a family comes together. From all parts of the country friends and family fly in and gather to be part of an ancient ritual. Why you may ask. Why disrupt the daily routine to pack, fly, drive , journey and bundle up for the cold? Simple really.

It is the celebration of one effort. One family’s joy. One young man’s first step to tomorrow. One example of the possibility of kindness. Of decency. Of hope. Of fun. Of something good to cling to in tougher times.

We gather to pray. To wish for peace and a safe journey. We remember why we are here. We know that a day like today is timeless and ageless. All things change but grace lasts.

Today find a moment of grace and relish it. We did. In a young man in Minnesota .


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