It is time to drop the baggage and travel lighter

Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living…is on amazon. The reviews are gratifying. The calls and emails I have received about the book are heart felt and appear to be changing lives in a positive way.

The question posed is one that has been around since the beginning. What does my life mean? Why am I here? If no one gets out of life alive then why all the stress, strain, anxiety and arguments. The endgame is the endgame for all. Beggar or prince. So let’s reframe this journey.

Begin tomorrow new. Put down the old baggage. It has only weighed you down. Why keep carrying it wherever you go. Stop the nonsense and drop the bags. Agree to begin new. Why not? It is your life and you are the storyteller of it. So use bright colors, long strides, and hear the music of your life.

It is do over time. You are not a prisoner of your prior bad decisions. You are on a hero quest…at any age.


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