The email stated that he had been rushed to the hospital with chest pains. After calls and concerns it turned out fine. But what happened. He is healthy and fine. Eats good. Works out. A kind, decent, caring person.
What happened.
When I heard the story I sat down and shook my head. Crazy. People.
It was someone yelling at him for no legitimate reason. Attacking him for a decision he made. The right decision. The responsible decision. Yet the yelling began. He couldn't handle the unreasonable attack.
Chest. Pains. Hospital. Family and friends rushing to the hospital and then the home.
He was fine but the fear of loss was real.
You can't control the other's screams but you can handle your reaction. Your response. Your coping. Your balance. Your truth. Your essence. Your center.
He agreed.
We smiled.
If you are true to yourself, what more can you do.
The ageless experiment.


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