The tender moment

I rode the Scrambler down Route 66. Made my way from small town to small town just taking in the ride and the day. You see and hear things that others miss when you wander aimlessly through America. Nothing fancy. Nothing earth shaking. Just life. Moments in time. People trying to connect and have a better day than yesterday.
I stopped at a small cafe in Loveland Colorado. Nothing much going on on a Sunday morning. I ordered some eggs, grabbed a coffee and sat for a reflective moment.
The family was sitting at the next table. The dad was in overalls and was either coming or going back to work on this Sunday. The mom looked a bit weary. The two boys were probably 9 and 7. The 9 year old had two hearing aids and some other apparatus on his head. I saw the scar running across this head just exposed under the short cut hair.
Then I witnessed such affection and devotion. The dad hugged his 9 year old son and I heard him say something like…you are the best. It is going to be a great day. His son looked at him. He rested his head in his dad’s hand and they then got up and headed to their car.
That’s all. A sliver of time in a family’s day.
It was so tender and gentle.
I finished my coffee and saddled back up. I felt good about almost everything at that moment.
Hug those who matter today.
The ageless experiment.


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