It happened in 10 minutes. 10. Clapping pushups, kettlebell swings and air squats. Over and over and over and over and…until you were done. Drained, sweat, dripping, light headed and aching. It was grand.
What a machine we have. An amazing tool. A crazy connection of bones, tissues, muscles,chemicals, nerves and other stuff I know nothing about but it is all me. Appreciate it while you can. It is glorious. Don't take it for granted. Embrace it. Cherish all of you. Work with all of you. Don't give up on any part of you. In fact demand the best of you all the time. The best may change from day to day but never not give what you have that day.
At work. At play. At love. At workout. At life in all its forms.
Present yourself. An ageless experiment.


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