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A bubble popped

Bubbles. They are everywhere. It seems like everyone travels in their own bubble. Some times groups travel in together bubbles. You might think that together bubbles are a good thing but it just appears to reinforce a bubble agenda. A  type of isolation. Bubbles seem like it is a safe place but I just don’t […]

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An imperfect lunch

We sat across from each other at the restaurant. It was a long way from the lunch counter we used to sit at in the early years.  Today it was at a swanky spot with all the bells and whistles that swanky spots are known for. Yet within a few minutes we were just those […]

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Route 66 and the back roads

The red jeep turned off Niwot Road and headed up to Hygiene,Colorado. From there it made its way to Highway 66.  What is it about that road that puts a smile on my  face. Maybe it is remembering an earlier time when the TV show Route 66 was on and traveling around the country  meeting […]

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A community of the ageless

Why? Why a community of ageless experiments. Why commit to being part of living outside of what is expected of you to do and living outside of other’s definitions of how you are supposed to behave. It just seems that with all the technology and fancy devises we are more disconnected then ever. Isolation is […]

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The red jeep and a mountain range

It  was right out of a Rockwell painting. The red jeep was parked at  the ledge of a turnout by the ridge overlooking Estes Park. The snow was on the mountain peaks. The clouds were rolling in for the late afternoon rains.  We stood in front of the jeep and just stared. What does simplicity […]

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4 am, an airport drive and weaving

I heard them from upstairs. One learning how to weave and her older sister reading the instructions and helping her figure this new project out. They sounded like they were back in Elmont , after school, trying to figure out a math problem in some high school home work assignment. It was timeless. The chatter […]

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Good friends and sunshine

There is something so comforting about good friends. Time and space fade away when you join together. As we walked the little town of Niwot, you reconnect and share hopes and wishes. You know that you are safe and just want the best for each other. The laughs are hardy. The history is deep. There […]

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Release. Let Go.

Ever wonder why people permit toxic to continue in a relationship or even in a business. Toxic. Unhealthy. Shutting down. Shutting off. And yet some permit toxic to thrive. What causes that. If you know please let us know. If you permit it please let us know why. You see it in all types of […]

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Being present in your life

January 13, 2010: The Relevance factor: I have often heard the story of people who could not wait to stop the stress of the day…and plan days of recreation( whether the golf community or some other activity), who shortly thereafter deteriorate quickly, lose their edge, or die just a few years after the “joyous” […]

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